stand up paddleboarding 023 300x225


  • One hour low impact work-out with a full cardiovascular workout.
  • Targeting arms, abs, thighs and butts - all at once!
  • Improves balance and co-ordination perfect for improving your board skills.
  • Builds confidence in and out of the water
  • For people who have done an initial SUP course


stand up paddleboarding 023 300x225

Paddle Board (Ready to Ride)


  • 2 hr BSUPA Lesson on lake
  • Paddling techniques
  • Stance on paddleboard
  • Control, turns and steering


WCS Kai Lenny SUP 2009 300x195

Paddle Board (Ready to Surf)

  • Launch and land in surf and understand how to fall and recover safely.
  • How to be aware of others in the surf zone and how to stop and fall in an emergency.
  • Can get out back
  • Can take off on a wave
  • Understand how to perform basic turns
  • Understand the parts of the wave
  • Kit setup
  • Recover board, paddle and leash when crashing.
  • Understand surfing etiquette
  • Know how to keep progressing in the surf
  • How to get and understand a forecast and where to go next.


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